13th December 2019, Turin

CPSwarm Workshop-Towards Smart Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems: Unmanned Aerial/Ground Vehicles and Robots

On 13th December in Turin, LINKS Foundation presents the Workshop <<Towards Smart Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems: Unmanned Aerial/Ground Vehicles and Robots>>. The event is organized by the H2020 project CPSwarm, coordinated by LINKS and specifically by the area “IoT and Pervasive Technologies”.

In the starting phase of the workshop, several EU projects that share the objective to support the engineering of autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS)s, such as drones and unmanned ground vehicles will present their main outcomes. The list includes few H2020 projects: TeamPlay, the H2020 projects funded within the ICT-01-2016 call i.e., BONESEYS, CPSwarm, DEIS e CERBERO (part of the CPS Cluster) as well as Bugwright2, starting at January 2020. Then, the workshop will focus on the results obtained by the CPSwarm project, which aims providing tools that ease design, development and integration of complex systems, composed by a potentially high number of heterogeneous CPSs, which collaborate to execute complex tasks. Furthermore, the workshop will introduce few challenges in promoting the adoption of smart CPSs in urban areas, presenting the drones regulatory framework and focusing on relevant initiatives of the Turin ecosystem, i.e., PIC4SeR and TO City Lab. The workshop will include a session where the posters related to the workshop topics will be presented.

It is possible to see HERE the agenda of the workshop.

The attendance is free, the registration is mandatory on:



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