Master Thesis: Co-Evolve Adversaries in FREVO

Master Thesis: Co-Evolve Adversaries in FREVO

FREVO is an open-source framework developed in Java to help engineers and scientists in evolutionary design or optimization tasks. The major feature of FREVO is the componentwise decomposition and separation of the key building blocks for each optimization tasks. FREVO is used with the EU H2020 project CPSwarm.


The main task of this thesis: FREVO should be extended by a functionality that tests a given algorithm by evolving adversary behavior in the environmental simulation that is used to test the quality of the solution. This can range from a simple tryout of random seeds for the environment to find the one where the performance is worse up to applying a search algorithm (probably reusing the FREVO component for optimizing the candidate here) to find the configuration that is most problematic for the previously found algorithm.

Knowledge required:  Very good programming skills in Java and interest in evolutionary design.

Location: Alpen-Adria-Universität, Klagenfurt, Austria.

Advisor and contact: 


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