13th December 2019, Turin

Final Workshop Turin, December 13, 2019 Presentations

Our slides from the final workshop in Turin on Unmanned Aerial/Ground Vehicles and Robots that took place in December 2019 are now available.

The event was organized by LINKS and the CPSwarm team as a showcase and networking event. The projects presented at the workshop are BONESEYES, CPSwarm, DEIS, CERBERO, Bugwright2, and Teamplay.

CPSwarm Project  – Claudio Pastrone, LINKS Foundation

CPSwarm Overview – Farshid Tavakolizadeh, Fraunhofer FIT & Akos Milnkovich, Search Lab

CPSwarm Demos 

  1. Search and Rescue Scenario Swarm of Drones and Rovers – Omar Morando, Digisky
  2. Logistics Demo – Marta Millet, Robotnik
  3. Automotive Scenario Platooning Use Case and Deterministic WLAN – Andreas Eckel & Paraskevas Karachatzis, TTTech Computertechnik AG

In-depth Presentations of CPSwarm Workbench and Tools

  1. Modelling and Code Generation – Etienne Brosse, Softeam & Micha Sende, Lakeside Labs & Gianluca Prato, LINKS Foundation
  2. Simulation and Optimization – Davide Conzon, LINKS Foundation 


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