CPSwarm team at DIF 2017!

CPSwarm team at DIF 2017!

The CPSwarm Team was present last week in Amsterdam during the DIF 2017 event and exhibition on Stand 43  together with H2020 Platforms4CPS  and H2020 Cerbero projects.

The event included 31 Artemis projects and 35 ITEA3 projects and involved over 400 registered attendees.

The CPSwarm booth visitors were very interested in our model-centric design and predictive engineering concepts enabling definition, composition, verification and simulation of collaborative, autonomous CPS and in our use cases of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Rovers for safety and security purposes, autonomous driving for freight vehicles, and logistics.

TTTech and Softeam presented the CPSwarm poster to the audience, public authorities and press present at the event.

Dif2017 Team


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