Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) Roadmap Workshop in Paris, Oct. 2017

Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) Roadmap Workshop in Paris, Oct. 2017

On October 23rd 2017, Alessandra Bagnato from Softeam R&D participated to the CYBER-PHYSICAL SYSTEMS (CPS) Roadmap Workshop organized and facilitated by the PLATFORMS4CPS project. The workshop gathered CPS experts from industry, academia, and policy-making, which will elaborate on specific related CPS-themes (including Platforms, Autonomy and CPS Engineering) and discuss these in relation to industrial demand and customer needs. The workshop will count on the knowledge and experience of experts in CPS and related technologies and applications.


During the workshop results and perspectives from the ARTEMIS-IA and ECSEL-SRA, EPoSS, HiPEAC, CPSoS, CyPhERS, Road2SoS, Road4FAME, Road2CPS roadmaps as well as IoT and AI Vison were presented. Moreover, the European Commission gave a glance at strategic developments and directions regarding future research programs.
Alessandra could bring in the various bilateral discussions the recent CPSwarm advances and needs for Autonomous CPS highlighted from our first nine months of work and from our three pilots. Alessandra also actively participated in the Topic Exploration Group Work on Autonomy.



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